The Minimalist

For years my husband would say, “Do we need this?” when I went shopping or wanted to buy something.  My typical answer was, “We don’t need it, but it’s nice to have”.  It was always my theory that I work hard and earn good money and, therefore, want to enjoy nice things.  It took almost 20 years to understand what my husband’s question really meant.  Then I came across a link to “Becoming Minimalist” and my journey to minimalism began.

I still think that I deserve to enjoy nice things, but they don’t have to be material things.

  • I love sitting at our ranch and do nothing but watch the animals.
  • I love long peaceful walks, alone or with our dog.
  • I enjoy listening to our daughters chatter about the latest drama in school.

Those are the things I want to focus on.  Those are things I can enjoy because I work hard and earn good money.  In the past months, I have been eliminating unnecessary distractions from my life so I can have the freedom to enjoy what really matters.

I will write a post every so often so you can join me on this journey.  I promise I will keep the posts short.  After all, I don’t want to add unnecessary distraction to your life.

PS: I’m German and live in Texas, where the state slogan is “Everything is bigger in Texas”.  To enable my German family and friends to join me on this journey, this blog is also available in German.


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